CSR Activity

At Optic House, we too are moving forward with a vision towards growth and a mission towards empowering our communities. Since our inception, we have made dedicated efforts to contribute towards the betterment of people. We feel blessed to have an underlying culture and a conscience to always be ready to serve the people in need.

Optic House has pledged support towards better eye health of masses at every step. We have undertaken several initiatives to ensure optimal eye health of people in both urban and rural places.

Our CSR Initiatives:

Free Eye Check-up Camps:

We regularly organize ‘Eye Check-up Camps’ in several NGOs, villages and institutions. We carry the best of equipment along with trained optometrists and volunteers who conduct thorough eye check-ups of adults as well as children. Free spectacles are also provided to people whose vision needs to be corrected.

Optic House also believes in extending education to people so that they can maintain and ensure optimal eye health.

Army Week:

We are proud to have conducted Army Week wherein we paid homage to the services of brave soldiers of Indian Army. We honoured their services in a small way by organizing Eye camp for them and distributing free top-quality spectacles to former soldiers, army veterans and families of defence personnel.

Awareness Camps:

Many people do not have access to or lack information on how to ensure optimal eye health. Optic House conducts regular camps for awareness related to eyes. We educate people about the dos & don’ts and various treatments available to them by which they can maintain a proper eye vision.

In times when people are more and more exposed to screens of various types (computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablets etc), it becomes imperative that they are aware of Blue light and its effects. We have conducted camps and interactivediscussions with people in several companies on various tips and preventive measures to minimize the harmful effect of Blue light.

Tree Plantation & Energy Conservation:

Planting trees is one of the best ways to combat climate change, and that’s what Optic House has been relentlessly pursuing. We have tied with local civic bodies to plant trees on several roads across the cities. Optic House team ensures that the trees are planted, regularly watered and protected from stray animals.

We have also undertaken all possible energy conservation practices across all our stores. Our staff members are made aware of their responsibilities towards the environment on a regular basis.